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  Founded in 1921, in HANAU, Germany, WECO has dealt in new ideas from the beginning. The company’s first major success was the patent granted for the development of jacket clamps used in electrical installations. WECO was also the first to use thermoplastics in the design and manufacturing of coupling and splicing techniques. Today WECO still continues to design innovative products. Our line of surface mount products won us the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association award for New Technology/Innovation. New technology and innovation continues as we launch our LED interconnect solutions.

  WECO offers a variety of products to a worldwide customer base. Combining revolutionary modern design with interconnect state of the art engineering innovations, our manufacturing facilities based in, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Tunisia provide high quality products for a wide variety of applications in diverse industries. 

  Located in Montreal, Canada, WECO’s headquarter is serving the Americas. Since our beginnings in 1983, we have specialized in designing and producing connectors for Fire & Security, LED lighting, Industrial control & automation and HVAC industries. Our sales and services are easily accessed via social media, our website and an extensive network of sales representatives and distributors located throughout the world.

  Our North American engineering team has extensive knowledge and experience in designing custom products, or adding features to the existing ones. WECO has the distinctive ability to execute “quick turn” designs which results in shorter “time-to-market” for customers.

  Our success is a direct reflection of our dedicated and talented team of employees and our customers who have trusted in us to provide them with quality and innovative products throughout the years. Without these vital elements, WECO could not have grown into the industry leader it has become today.

WECO Electrical Connectors Inc.
18050 Trans-Canada Highway, Kirkland, QC Canada H9J 4A1
Tel.: 1.514.694.9136 fax.: 1.514.694.0956
Toll free.: 1.800.724.2928 (US and CAnada only)