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Corporate Practices

WECO Electrical Connectors Inc. unites the key competitive elements to provide our clients with connector solutions they need to succeed in their chosen market. We provide our partners with flexibility, innovative products & services, and a long-term customer focus. We have a strong commitment to our professional growth and well-being.

The WECO corporate Career Development Program was established to help employees recognize their strengths and better define their personal profiles, allowing them to grow and find their place within the company structure. By matching their profiles against benchmarked jobs, employees can discover new opportunities where they can feel fulfilled and be most effective at their job.

WECO also organizes several corporate activities throughout the year, allowing all employees to develop a sense of community and friendship, helping to make the working environment at WECO more cooperative and effective.


Over the years, WECO has not only established itself as one of the leading terminal block manufacturers, but has also played an important role in the community. WECO participates in fundraisers to help various organizations, supports a local Ecomuseum and donates to local university and school programs, giving students an opportunity to test drive their skills.

Our corporate goals are best expressed through a message from Bernard Pinet, our President & CEO: "We must always guide our customers in choosing the most appropriate technology and product for their needs. Quality is more than a product or service; it is a responsibility and a process of change."

WECO Electrical Connectors Inc.
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