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Heiner Kammann,

WECO Americas
Founded in North America in 1983 by Heiner Kammann, our Chairman, WECO now offers over 30 years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of terminal blocks, connectors for printed circuit boards, and other components related to the electrical and electronics industries.

Wanting to increase its visibility and leverage synergies, WECO Canada relocated its headquarters in 2012 in Kirkland, QC, Canada. This new facility allows optimized and streamlined manufacturing and logistics resulting in faster delivery times and greater efficiencies.


Our state of the art in-house certified UL and CSA laboratory permits rapid product testing and reporting for our customers. This, coupled with our expert engineering team, ensures "shorter time-to-market” for new products.



Our automatic screw machines, ultrasonic welding and hot stamping machines continue to provide high speed, agile and cost effective manufacturing. 




Our engineering department combines both production engineers and design engineers to speed up the design process and to ensure a "design for manufacturability". The engineering department is heavily involved in increasing the level of automation throughout the plant..


Each of our inside sales and customer service representatives are assigned by geographic area, allowing them to establish long term working relationship with you and your company.



WECO Global
Our German office is located in Hanau (Frankfurt), Germany since 1921. Our global operation offers eight facilities, which includes three manufacturing facilities. They include our manufacturing facilities in Canada, Germany, and Tunisia and our sales offices in Hong Kong, Mexico, and Brasil. In addition we offer an easy access to our sales and services through our extensive network of sales representatives, distributors.

WECO Contact GmbH, Germany                                             Canadian Head Office
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Curitiba sales office, Brazil
                                                        Guadalajara sales office, Mexico

Doing Business with WECO
Doing business with WECO means you enjoy more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in the American market and a solid foundation built on more than 90 years of history, making WECO one of the most trusted names in electrical connectors.

WECO Electrical Connectors Inc.
18050 Trans-Canada Highway, Kirkland, QC Canada H9J 4A1
Tel.: 1.514.694.9136 fax.: 1.514.694.0956
Toll free.: 1.800.724.2928 (US and CAnada only)