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Whether you require genuine SMT or Through Hole Reflow, the SMARTCONN series leverages best-in-class manufacturing automation techniques that drive down costs throughout the assembly process.  Our Smartconn  connectors are ideal for high volume assembly processes such as those used by Electronic Contract Manufacturers (ECMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to produce thermostats, heating & ventilation controls (HVAC), industrial automation controls and power supplies.

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Increase PCB density
  • Minimize component size   
  • Mount components on both sides of the PCB
  • Optimize PCB real estate with unique spacing sizes  

Designing a New PCB or Upgrading an Existing Design?
Experience the Benefits of Genuine SMT

Perfect solderability through patented contact and anchoring techniques:
  • Eliminate CTE mismatch and ensure self-adjustment to the board surface.
  • Increase retention robustness with self-adaptive anchors .

Need to Extend the ROI of Legacy PCB Boards?
Experience the Benefits of Optimized Through Hole Reflow

Open up a path to SMT:
  • Easily adapt to PCB / robotic assembly processes with pick-and-place components.
  • Remove wave soldering and associated costs.
  • Facilitate integration with automated feeders and dispensers via product transfer tubes or carrier tapes.

Improve component reliability:
  • Engineered standoffs increase heat circulation for better soldering and easy visual inspection.
  • Reliable mechanical strength, high reflow temperature and self-extinguishing thermoplastic materials withstand harsh environments or strong vibrations replica watches.
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