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General Questions

1) What do the symbols mean?
2) Explain the difference between yellow chromated, passivated (clear chromated) and blue passivated screw plating.
3) Can terminal blocks be grouped together?
4) What is considered consecutive numbering for the WECO product ordering procedure? And special markings?
5) Which WECO block can be used in environments of up to 500°C (940°F)?
6) Can the Euro style 300 series be daisy-chained (or jumpered)?
7) What is the RAST 5 standard?
8) What is the cycle of a depluggable block?
9) What is meant by the continuous temperature?
10) How long is the expected waiting time for receiving UL & CSA approvals?
11) What is the UV stability of plastics?
12) To what torques should I tighten the mounting screws?
13) To what torque shall I tighten the wire tightening screws?
14) What is a Pozidriv screw?
15) On the WECO web page, we can find the electrical ratings: Current (A) and Voltage (V). Do these apply to the AC application or to the DC application?
16) What is the CE mark and how do I use it?
17) I have noticed that the 120-M product I purchased no longer the suffix K on the labels, invoices and packing slips. Why is that?
18) Should we tin the wires prior to inserting them into the connector wire entries? Tin or untinned?
19) Is WECO ISO certified?
20) Are WECO's  connectors and terminal blocks  RoHS compliant?
21) Are WECO's connectors and terminal blocks REACH compliant?
22) I have noticed that the 971-SLK product I purchased has a suffix  # or *  on the labels, invoices and packing slips. The moulding is a different than before. Why is that?
23) What are the differences and similarities between a genuine surface mount and through-hole reflow terminal block or connector?
24) What are the advantages and disadvantages to using surface mount products?
25) What is the difference between a WECO or SMarTconn terminal block and a WECO or SmarTconn connector?
26) What type of contact mechanisms are used in WECO or SMarTconn terminal blocks ?
27) Do the plastic materials of SMarTconn connectors and terminal blocks resist the high temperatures of the re-flow process?
28) Are SMarTconn connectors and terminal blocks RoHS compliant?
29) What are the issues and challenges when designing for surface mounting ? How does SMarTconn address these?
30) What are the most important key points about the SMarTconn product line?
31) What does the future hold for SMarTconn terminal blocks, connectors and pin strips?
32) Are SMartConn's connectors and terminal blocks REACH compliant?
33) Do WECO products contain rare earth elements?
34) What are the Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) for WECO products type 302 (HDS), 323(HDS), 324(HDS), 326(HDS), 327(HDS), 327-FU (HDS) ?

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