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Surface Mount Terminal Blocks

974-D-SMD-DS 5.00 mm (0.197 in) Spacing   -   2-6 poles Print this page

  • 5 mm pitch SMT screw terminal block with fixed terminal bodies. Supports 0.20 mm - 0.25mm co-planarity specification.
  • Rectangular flat leads
  • Wire entrance at 45?angle to PC Board
  • Inclined
Technical Data

Center to Center Spacing: 5.000 mm (0.197 in)

Nominal Cross Section: 2.5 mm2 (3875 mils2)

Wire Stripping Length: 6.500 mm (0.256 in)

Bill of Materials

Molding : HT Polyamide,

Color : Black

Temperature limits : Short Time : 260°C (500°F)
Continuous : 120°C (248°F)Low Limit : -40°C (-40°F)

Ambient Temp. Range (°C) : -40°C to 40°C

Comparative Tracking Index : CTI ≥ 600 V

Oxygen Index Rating : 35 %


Average weight per pole: 1.4 g

Terminal Body: Tin plated copper alloy

Screw: Clear chromate passivated, zinc plated, steel M3



974-D-SMD-DS is a 5 mm pitch PCB terminal block offered as a SMT (surface mount technology) product for the re-flow soldering process. The inclined connection angle of 45?offers the advantage of the "one behind the other" location on PCB. The inclined connection angle makes also possible inclined wire insertion when various components are blocking the front of the connector. 974-D-SMD-DS connector is a solution for any situation when wire cannot be inserted in parallel direction to the PCB. The high temperature resistant housing material is specially designed in order to ensure optimum hot-air circulation during the re-flow soldering process. A condition to optimize the re-flow soldering process is to place the wire entry side of the connector in the direction of the hot air flow. The screw is captivated in the tower of the connector. Its top flat surface can be used as a pick and place surface. Deliverable in Tape and Reel.

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
Approval Information UL File No. E69841  |  CSA File No. LR24322
    TYPE (Spacing)
    Current (A)
    Voltage (V)
    Screw Tightening
  • 974-D-SMD-DS
    5.0 mm
     20 10
     300 300
     B D
     18-12 18-12
     3.5 lbfin 3.5 lbfin
  • 974-D-SMD-DS
    5.0 mm
     20 10
     300 300
     B D
     18-12 18-12
     0.4 Nm 0.4 Nm
International Approval Information

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage : 4000 V

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